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Drug Bunker Found at Makassar State University, Indonesia 5 Arrested

Illustration photo. A drug bunker was found on the UNM campus, Makassar, South Sulawesi. (iStockphoto)

A bunker holding drugs was found by police in a campus in Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. The bunker was found at Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM), as confirmed by Andi Muhammad Idkhan, UNM's third Vice Rector. While he acknowledged that the police arrested five people in connection with the bunker, he also clarified that they were alumni and not current students of UNM.

Idkhan continued, "I'm not sure what faculties these alumni are from. But based on the information I received, they are UNM alumni." Therefore, he denied claims that any UNM students were involved in or arrested for the illicit activities.

He added that while UNM is not closing the possibility that some of its students may have been involved with the alleged drug syndicate, they are still waiting for further information from the police. In the event that students are found to be involved, the university will take appropriate actions, including expulsion.

Confirming the arrests made in connection with the drug bunker, the Head of Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Department, Commissioner General Komang Suartana, stated that the police had indeed taken five individuals into custody on Friday, 9 June 2017.

However, Suartana admitted that authorities have yet to confirm the roles of those arrested, emphasizing that he still lacks adequate data and information on the matter.

Earlier this month, the local police department's narcotics division revealed that they discovered a drug bunkhouse holding illegal drugs on a Makassar campus. Police Director of Drugs for South Sulawesi Regional, Commissioner Dodi Rahman, said that the bunker contained about 3 kilograms of illegal drugs, such as shabu and other narcotics.

Currently, the regional police are investigating the campus-based drug network in Makassar. Commissioner Rahman also mentioned that the mastermind behind the drug syndicate operated from a local prison but did not disclose additional information, citing ongoing investigations and operations.

He elaborated that it was unfortunate that a place for education like a university was being used as a drug market. He urged UNM and other educational institutions to work closely with the police to identify and eliminate such drug networks. "It's heartbreaking that we have to face these circumstances, but we will track down whoever is behind all of this," he said.