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10 Surprising Habits That Could Be Keeping You From Getting Rich

Photo: CoWomen via Unsplash

 In order to achieve wealth, one must work hard and smart. However, many people fail to realize that there are certain habits that make it difficult to become rich. These habits may seem small, but they can greatly hinder your dreams of becoming wealthy. Here are some habits, as summarized from Thomas Corley's book "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life: Strategies that Transformed 177 Average People into Self-Made Millionaires."

1. Using pay-later services frequently

As you may know, many consumer debts have high interest rates. This can make it difficult for you to become wealthy because debt can threaten your financial stability. Therefore, attempt to pay off any high-interest debts you have and try not to borrow again after paying them off.

2. Ignoring small expenses

You may think that spending Rp20,000 every day on a cup of coffee at a coffee shop does not have an impact on your wallet. This habit can make it difficult for you to become wealthy. Therefore, start paying attention to your needs and restrain yourself from buying unnecessary small things.

3. Copying someone else's lifestyle

Try to have a lifestyle that suits your financial capabilities. Don't force yourself to follow someone else's lifestyle because it will only cause your financial situation to worsen.

4. Making excuses

Excuses are one of the biggest obstacles to wealth. For example, you may say that "life should be enjoyed". Then you use that principle as an excuse to have fun and not allocate some of your income to savings or investment. If you don't earn enough money, find other sources of income.

5. Always thinking negatively

Successful people are those who can see the positive side of negative situations. This shows that you are an optimistic person who is always willing to try. Usually, those who think negatively will find it difficult to try new things because they only think about the worst risks. They become too afraid to move forward, which hinders them from becoming rich.

6. Being lazy

Laziness will never produce anything good. If you want to achieve something, you must be willing to work hard. If you are too lazy, you will not find the door to success that can make you wealthy.

7. Mourning over failure for too long

Successful entrepreneurs wear failure as a badge of honor. However, this does not mean that they enjoy or want to fail. Failure in business and losing almost everything is painful, but you should not keep mourning over your failure. Take risks, and if you fail, learn from your mistakes and move on.

8. Associating with the wrong people

You should be selective in choosing who you associate with and build relationships with. Rather than being friends with toxic people, befriend those who are optimistic, motivating, and supportive. 

"In life, you will only be successful if you surround yourself with the right people," says Corley.

9. Not having a future plan

Not having a plan for the future means that you are throwing away many opportunities to become wealthy. With the changing times, your life trajectory should be planned far in advance to face uncertain economic situations.

10. Neglecting health

In terms of health, a poor lifestyle can cause dangerous health problems," writes Thomas. When you are unhealthy, you become easily fatigued, less productive, more stressed, and more susceptible to sickness. How can you focus on building wealth if you have to struggle with health problems every day?