Monday, May 22, 2023, May 22, 2023 WIB
Last Updated 2023-05-22T13:44:01Z

Polda Metro Arrests Fraudulent Couple Using Coldplay Ticket Jastip Mode!


Polda Metro Jaya has arrested a couple who allegedly cheated on the Coldplay ticket check mode. (Credit/ detikcom)

Jakarta, the Metro Jaya Regional Police have apprehended a couple that have been tricking people with fake Coldplay concert tickets. The suspects, who identified as a husband and wife, managed to scam their victims by using @fintrove_id, a Twitter account that posed as a legitimate ticket-selling platform. The Director of Reskrisus for the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Kombes Auliansyah Lubis, stated that his team acted upon a report from one of the victims, which led to the couple's arrest.

During a media briefing at Mapolda Metro Jaya in Jakarta on Monday, May 25th, 2023, Kombes Auliansyah explained that the two individuals were identified as ABF (male) and W (female), and were caught in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Apparently, the couple bought the @fintrove_id account from someone on Twitter and used it to dupe unsuspecting customers.

"They posed as actual ticket sellers and even offered to provide testimonials from previous buyers to convince their potential clients to buy from them," Kombes Auliansyah added. 

The suspects used the Twitter account to offer "jastip" services for the purchase of Coldplay concert tickets. They even went as far as to make comments on the account to make it seem like there were satisfied customers who had purchased legitimate tickets from them before. 

"Thanks to their comments, people got interested and started buying tickets from the account. However, it was all a scam," said Kombes Auliansyah. 

The police have detained the couple, and they will face charges under Indonesia's Information and Electronic Transactions law (UU ITE).